Talent Strategy

Positive sea creatures continue to promote the introduction of innovative strategy-based personnel, training and development of human capital management iterative innovation.

Exploring competitive human resources development system and advocating performance management thinking of "focusing on objectives and results orientation", providing competitive salary guarantee, all-inclusive internal incentive and persified personnel incentive policies such as personalized welfare and humane care .


Guaranteed compensation

Basic Salary + Social Security + Social Security Fund + Statutory Benefits + Bachelorhood Benefits + Supplementary Medical Benefits + Child Care + Staff Restaurant + Commuter Shuttle + Commercial Insurance + Customized Benefits


Incentive pay

Long-term incentive pay

Mid-term incentive pay

Short-term incentive pay

Performance pay

Compensation growth mechanism

Motivational development

persified career development channels

Learning and training resource supply

Promotion and job rotation plan

Professional training reward program

career plan

Many types of honor


Protection of development

☆ superior office conditions

☆ legal holidays

☆ health examination

☆ persified employee activities

☆ development of the CYL organization


Zhenghai Biological Human Resources Management is committed to establishing an innovative learning organization to explore and practice, and strive to develop human resources, talent value.

Positive sea biological emphasis on the development of human capital, providing multi-dimensional development opportunities for enterprises to develop to provide development momentum of the "battery." Adhering to the "step-type, dual-channel" concept of career development, to explore the accurate positioning of the ladder position design, and from the two-lane cross-interactive "H" channel, create a persified talent development space.