R&D Center

Yantai ZH-BIO Co., Ltd., taking full uses of its own advanced research conditions and technical advantages, has established domestic leading R&D Center. By virtue of biological repair material advantages accumulated over the years, ZH-BIOR&D Center has been awarded "Shandong Engineering Technology Research Center of Medical Regeneration and Repair Materials", which will make contributions for advancing R&D and industrial progress of the medical biological repair material products, promoting local economic growth, improving medical level and survival quality.


More than 30 projects have been listed among national, provincial and municipal technology development projects with financial supports so far. In 2011,the National High-tech Research Development Program (863 Program)"Research of Tissue Engineering Key Technology and Series Products" co-submitted by ZH-BIO and Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences has gotten approval and ZH-BIO undertook the subtask "Research of Functional Biological Material and Tissue Organ Engineering Products". ZH-BIO insists on developing high-tech industry, promoting innovation of technology, system and management, and attaches great importance to the protection of intellectual property rights, and has owned and applied for nearly 30 international and domestic patents.



The company, according to the latest industrial regulations, has established top-level biological material R&D laboratories (including physical and chemical laboratories, microbiology laboratories and instrument laboratories), pilot plants and production plants with a building area of 7,700 m2, 10000-grade and 100-grade clean workshops of 857 m2, and has introduced international and domestic leading production equipment and inspection instruments, forming international leading production technique with independent propriety intellectual property rights. Besides, the company also has established scientific and strict production management system and quality assurance system, implemented medical device quality management standard, and has been equipped with international experimental equipment and well-trained high-quality professionals, and strictly follows industrial management rules and regulations to guarantee the quality judgment in serious and justice and to produce satisfying products of standard quality.